Water Baptisms

Go Public with your faith

Once you have accepted Jesus Christ, getting water baptized is an important next step. Water baptism is a way to publicly declare your belief in Jesus.

Learn more, check out our Water Baptism Brochure.

Why is getting water baptized important?

1. Jesus commanded us to be water baptized (Matthew 28.19).

2. Jesus set a great example for us to follow when He was baptized (Matthew 3:16).

3. We are offered a new and fresh spiritual life through water baptism (Romans 6:4).

Learn More and Register

Everyone who believes in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord should be water baptized. Water baptism involves being dipped under the water and then rising again. This act tells the world that your sins have died with Christ and that you have been raised with Him to walk in this new life! If you would like to take this important step, we prefer that you register ahead of time. You are also welcome to decide to get baptized the day of the baptisms. We will provide a towel and change of clothes for you.