Why ME?

Written by Dayna Azevedo 

Have you ever wondered WHY you are WHERE you are today?

I’m talking about the reason why God has placed you in the situation or season that you currently reside.

I know I have often questioned the reasoning behind it all. Asking  questions like  “Why am I here?” “What am I doing here” and of course the reoccurring ones like, “Why did THAT have to happen” or “Why me?!”

Over the course of my short, Jesus-living life, I have asked these questions, and many more, might I add. Mainly during the times where the season or situation is hard, difficult, and overwhelming.

I have questioned the hard times. I have wondered about the difficult ones, and I have stressed about the overwhelming adventures He takes me on.

Although I’ve come to learn to trust Him, I have found the best way to find comfort in those situations has been to dive into His word and remember His promises.

This morning I read in Jeremiah 32 the most amazing scripture that I recently so desperately needed a reminder of.

In the chapter, God promises:

“I will make an everlasting covenant with them: I will never stop doing good to them, and I will inspire them to be in awe of me, so that they will never turn from me. I will rejoice in doing good to them and will assuredly plant them in this land with all my heart and soul

When I read this I truly was overwhelmed by God’s goodness. Though many people had turned their backs on God in the chapter previous, He still chose to make an everlasting covenant with them to promise to never stop doing good to them. I mean, never stop, never!

Though we fall, we make mistakes, we make a mess of things, He will never stop doing good to us, not just because He says it in His word, but he makes an everlasting (meaning forever) promise to do so. This not only makes me think about how good He is to never stop doing good to us even while we make mistakes, but also makes me think about the times where I THINK HE is making a mistake.

There are so many times where I question my circumstances. I wonder why He let this happen, or why He did what He did. But it’s such a great reminder in those times to remember that no matter what happens to us, God has promised to never stop doing good. Therefore, during those moments of questioning, we can be at peace knowing that no matter what our circumstance, He promises to never stop doing good to us!

The verse then goes onto say that He will, “assuredly plant them in this land with all His heart and soul.”

Immediately the word assuredly stands out to me, meaning that He will assuredly and securely plant us in this land. Who doesn’t want security in their life? This word and promise not only brings me relief, but peace knowing that where I am is not only for my good, but it’s secure in His hands. He wouldn’t bring me to a place where I will lose my balance, but He has planted me in a secure and strong foundation. (Can I get an “amen”?)

These verses all lead to the final part of the promise (drum roll please):

Not only will he plant us assuredly, but He will plant us WITH ALL HIS HEART AND SOUL. Now, I know that when I do something with all my heart and soul, that I without a doubt, firmly, and wholeheartedly believe in whatever that thing may be. So, knowing that God has planted me in this a particular season of life with all of His heart and soul, then He must, without a doubt, firmly and wholeheartedly believe in this plan for me. If He’s planting me here with so much belief, I need to not worry! He has planted me with a purpose and believes in this path for me. No matter where I am, or what I’m experiencing, I have full faith that God has a perfect reason for it, because He has planted me here with not just some of His heart and soul, but with all of it.

So as you go throughout your day and those doubting thoughts and questions start to arise, find relief in the everlasting promise that God makes to you in Jeremiah 32. That no matter what your circumstance, He will never stop doing good to you. That no matter what your situation, He has assuredly planted you in this season of life. And that no matter your doubts, He has planted you there with all his heart and soul.

Dayna Azevedo is 25 years old, and the Film Coordinator at Allison Park Church. She recently moved to Pennsylvania from California, and she loves to be as creative as possible, on all occasions! She enjoys anything outdoors, reading, watching good shows, and being in good company with family and friends!