Where is Your Focus?

Written by Cullen Allen

Have you ever looked through someone else’s glasses? Chances are, everything was probably blurry. Why? The glasses were the wrong prescription for your eyes. They caused everything you looked at to be out of focus. Without the proper focus, everything you do is significantly impacted.

Hebrews 12:2 says, “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus. . .” Another way to say this is “Let your eyes be FOCUSED on Jesus.” Having the proper FOCUS is actually one of the keys to living in spiritual healthy life. I’ve found that whatever we focus on is what we tend to follow. If we focus on failure, compromise and temptation, then that’s the path that we will follow. . .we will feel like a failure and give in to compromise and temptation. But if we FOCUS on Jesus and the truths found in God’s Word, then there is a release of hope, joy and encouragement in our lives.

It’s strange, but even when we FOCUS on things we don’t want to do (in an effort to avoid them), we often find ourselves giving-in to those same things that we’re trying to avoid. Why? Because we were FOCUSED on the wrong things.

The Bible never tells us to FOCUS on what we should NOT do. That would just give more opportunity for the enemy to work in our lives. Instead we should FOCUS on Jesus Christ! “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus. . .” Remember, whatever you focus on is what you will follow. If you really want to follow Jesus, then make Him the primary focus of your life.


sitting-001-allen-12lCullen Allen has served on the Allison Park Church staff for more than 20 years. He currently serves as Executive Pastor. He and his wife Shelley have three teenage boys. In his spare time, Cullen enjoys biking and spending time with his family.