When God Gives You a ‘Word’

Written by Jeff Leake

It was back in 2002, where I first met David and Marie Cartlege. David was a powerful man of God from Australia. He and I were speaking at the same conference in Dallas, Texas.  Before I spoke, he exchanged pleasantries and small talk.  But right after, he made a bee-line to me during the break, put his hands on my shoulders and started to pronounce some things that he felt like God was speaking to him.

Let’s just say David was both bold and always ready to be used by God!

This thing he did to me is what the Bible calls – ‘prophesy’.  When a person prophesies about another, they speak out what they feel like God has spoken to them about this person, their life, and their future.  We often call this receiving ‘a word’ from God – because God uses someone else to communicate to us.

Now, the Bible also teaches that every prophecy must be tested.  That not every word is to be taken on the same level as scripture.  And that every word must be delivered with great humility.  When a prophecy is tested and is deemed to be credible, it provides a glimpse of what God wants to do in our lives.  We gain insight into some of the things that God is thinking and planning for us.

After my encounter with David Cartlege in Dallas, I invited him to speak to Allison Park Church. On one of his visits to us in 2003, he again prophesied – but this time it was not just about me.  This time it was about God’s intended purpose and plan for Allison Park Church.

Below – you will be able to read what was prophesied on that day.  Every aspect of this seemed so far out of reach at the time. But here we are 14 years later, and much of this has started to happen.  Some of this has yet to occur.  All of it seems to still apply to who we are.

I have taken opportunity to break up this word into five categories.  Obviously, the numbered points were not spoken by David – they are inserted by me just to make the overall direction clear.

The Calling of Allison Park Church

#1 – Allison Park Church is called to start a Church Planting wave.

God spoke a word to me about this place, this church, Allison Park Church.  So hear the word of the Lord.  God spoke to me that He has put upon you a grace and an anointing to plant churches.  This thing is going to go far beyond your expectations and its going to go far beyond your ability.  

For the Lord is going to cause a stream of churches to come out of this house that are not even close to you.  They will be scattered far and wide.  In many of the states of this land there will emerge churches that are related to you because your seed is in them.  They will come out of this house.  And they will grow up like vines of the field.

#2 – Allison Park Church is called to raise up an Apostolic Movement

They (these new churches) will be related to you; their allegiance will be to you; they will draw the anointing that is on you and they will come to you frequently and say, “Take us by the hand and lead us to Zion.  Show us the way to go.”  They will draw the anointing that God has put on you and they anointing that is on you will be manifest in them.  

For they will replicate the same thing where they are, in their regions around about.  The feature that will be upon them is that they will also extend the Kingdom of God by planting churches in the own region until there is a multiplication of churches far beyond your ability to even conjure or imagine until the day comes when hundreds of churches have come out of this house.  

But the Lord said to me as I was praying on this, that not only will it be here but in other lands.  God will cause churches to emerge that belong to this house. That you will plant them; the you will now have a change of strategy; that God will cause a word to emerge within you that you will recognize; that you will know in your spirit that you have known for a long time.  

#3 – Allison Park Church is called to make an enormous and unique International Impact.

This is the word of the Lord:  It will resonate within you.  You will plant churches.  You will not do missions as others have done missions.  You will send your own and you will send your best.  They will raise up works of God in foreign lands but they will belong to you.  They will be your fruit among the nations of the earth.  They will know who their parents are in God.  They will relate to you.  And the word of the Lord said to me that they will come back to you; they will come to this house and in this house they will find refreshing and anointing; they will find strategy and vision.  They will come under the authority that God has put upon this house and many of them will cause great expansion among the nations of the earth.  Not one or two, but many says the Lord.

You will say that this is impossible and the this is beyond us.  But this Lords says, “I will do i it in its day.”  All will see it as a sign and wonder and know the this is the work of the grace of God that is upon this house.”


#4 – Allison Park Church is called to steward large and unique Gifts both of People and Money.

Furthermore, I saw a vision and I saw coming towards you a string of camels.  I saw camels laden with gifts.  I saw them decked out in the finest trappings with tapestries laid over them and carrying on their backs chests filled with precious gifts and trimmed with gold.  I asked the Lord, “What does this mean?”  I have never seen anything like that in all the prophetic visions I have ever had.  I looked into that thing; it was so specific; so clear.  I saw a string of camels coming and the Lord said to me that He is going to cause people to come to you from foreign land who have unusual gifts in their lives.  They will add features to this house that you could never engineer for yourself.  God is going to cause them to come.  You must have an eye open to recognize them and to receive them because some of them will come in disguise.  They will come as though they have nothing to offer but God has embedded in their life awesome gifts that will become profitable to this house.

There is coming towards you a stream of the grace of God represented by these camels the come bearing gifts.  The word that was in my mind as this prophetic vision unfolded was Isaiah chapter 60, where the Lord says your gates will not be shut day or night.  The camels will come towards you bearing the wealth of the heathen.  God intends to enrich this house; He intends to resource it; He intends to bring your miraculous resources; things you could never make happen if you tried everything the you knew.  But God is going to open to you a supernatural grace  that will be manifest in the flow of finance to resource this work of God.  You could not even begin to think what your budgets will be.  You could not even begin to imagine the large amounts of money you will need for the work of God, but God is going to supernaturally resource you. The Lord says you are going to be constantly challenged but you will never have to say no.  You will constantly feel the pressure of all that has to be done but you will never have to say we cannot do it because God is going to supernaturally resource you.

#5 – Allison Park Church is called to raise up a Next Generation Movement.

This house is going to be known for its youth.  This house is going to be filled with young people.  It will be unusual among the churches of the city in that it is packed to the doors with young people.  God is going to make you to know how to access a generation that has lost its way.

He is going to give you a fresh strategy.  He’s going to cause you to be creative and inventive.  You are going to find ways to do things that have not been done before.  God is going to cause you to invent ways of reaching young people that have never been tried by others.  You will not copy the methods or plans of others.  You will not seek to merely entertain them.

But you will bring to pass a generation of young people who are genuinely full of the Holy Ghost.  Devastating young men and women who are a terror to evildoers; who are filled with authority; who can challenge the status quo of society and march in the opposite direction.  God is going to cause them to rise like a flood until this house is known far and wide for its young people; until people come from near and far to say, “How does this happen? How do you have this happen?”

God is going to cause you to show others how to break through among a lost generation.

Conclusion:  All of this will require that we be willing to change and be changed!

They will change you.  The Lord is going to change you into doing all this.  He is going to cause many of your fondly held ideas to be deeply challenged as He opens your heart to a generation that does not know religion; that does not know spirituality; that does not know the ways of God.  He is going to broaden and expand you and work in your spirit a compassion to take in those who are lost until they bring them by a flood and find themselves welcome in this house.

They will change you.  They will change you.