Vision for 2017

Written by Jeff Leake 

They say, ‘You can’t live in the past.’  This is true.  There are probably many things we long to leave behind. But the good things, the wonderful moments, the significant achievements – we may want to live there a little longer.

This past year completed a significant season in the life of Allison Park Church.  Fifty years in ministry as a church.  One hundred churches planted in the last five years.  Twenty year anniversary from the moment we first started planting.  And for me, I completed 25 years as the Lead Pastor at this great church.

As wonderful as this past season has been, I realize that it is now time to move on. I believe the best days of APC are yet to come.  While we are thankful for all that God has done for us, we now have to step boldly into the future and believe God for even bigger things.

Several years ago, as a leadership team – we set some targets for the year 2020.  At that time, it was a five year vision plan which began in 2015 and would conclude in the year 2020. Here’s a summary of some of our targets:

1. We are a MULTI-GENERATIONAL CHURCH – and yet our focus as a ministry is to reach the next generation who are the most at risk spiritually and the ripest for harvest.  In 2017, our goals in this regard are to:

  • Relaunch our Children’s Ministry under the new name of KIDS ZONE – each campus location will be outfitted with a brand new look and curriculum (which will benefit parents as well.)
  • Continue to grow our Youth Ministries at each campus location.
  • Birth a brand new and massive Young Adult ministry to gather and connect people in this age category from all over this region.


2.  We are a MULTI-CAMPUS CHURCH – our goal by 2020 is to have 5 campus locations around Western PA.  Currently, we are in Ambridge, Deer Lakes, and Hampton.  Next year, we are going to launch a brand new Butler Campus.

3.  We are a BOOK-OF-ACTS CHURCH – our desire is to live all the aspects of the early church with a focus on living a supernatural life.  This year our goal is to continue building the Northeast Ministry School, sending missions teams around the world, and providing both training events and prayer meetings where we can grow in our partnership with the Holy Spirit.

4.  We are a KINGDOM BUILDING CHURCH – Our theme verse as a church continues to be Matthew 6:33:  ‘seek first the Kingdom of God…and all these things will be given to you as well.’  We set a goal in 2016 to give away 1M toward global projects affecting church planting, preaching the gospel, serving the poor, providing clean water, and so much more.  This year, we will attempt to hit that same mark again – 1M given two years in a row.

5.  We are an APOSTOLIC CENTER CHURCH – God has given us a unique role of being a covering for some of the 120 churches that we have planted over the years.  Part of the anointing that is on us is to continue to aggressively plant new churches, while at the same time loving, serving, supporting, and strengthening the churches with which we are in relationship.

This entire vision could be summarized by our key statement:  CHANGING THE WORLD, ONE LIFE AT A TIME.  That’s what it really comes down to for us.  We are believing for big things, for a tremendous and positive impact on the world.  But we realize it all happens ONE at a time.

This becomes the mission for all of us personally.  Do everything I can do to reach THE ONE with the love and hope of Jesus Christ.  I hope you are ready to join me for this next season in the life of Allison Park Church.