Thoughts From a New Campus Pastor

Written by Gregg Jacobs

Eight weeks ago, I launched the newest campus of Allison Park Church in Butler, Pa. So far, we have had new guests and salvations every week! We even had a person healed of seizures. Our attendance and giving have been strong.It amazes me how God works.  

One of the aspects that sticks out to me is how the Holy Spirit only gives me snippets of direction to follow.  This past weekend, I clearly heard Him tell me I need to prepare for growth. I need to advance my team.  That’s it.  No plans, no idea how many people to plan for. Just prepare. I don’t work well that way. I want to know the plan, I want to know the steps.  

The Bible challenges followers to walk by faith, not by sight. I believe God does this for several reasons.  First, we would not be ready to receive what He would tell us. If you would have told me two years ago I would be leading a campus of Allison Park Church,  I would have told you, “No way! I’m not qualified for that.” Knowing our future doesn’t prepare us, the process getting to our future prepares us.  

Second, if we knew our future, we would try to get ready for it on our own. Humans have a track record of doing great things. Just consider the amount of steel that’s laid down for all of the trains to run on in America. If you put them in a straight line, you would have a train track that goes around the earth over 5 times! God gave us great minds and abilities, but because of the fall of man, we try to work on our own to get things done. God has set up opportunities for you to partner with Holy Spirit to train and prepare you for your future. We would miss those if we did it on our own.  

At this point, even though I want more than snippets from the Holy Spirit, I would rather walk by faith and see Him get the glory.  I want the Holy Spirit to prepare me as well as lead me to opportunities I can’t make on my own. What about you?

Gregg Jacobs has been serving on staff at Allison Park Church since 2004. He and Kyra have been married for more than 15 years and have two teenage sons. Gregg loves working on cars, competing in demolition derbies, and spending time outdoors