The Revolution We Call “Servolution”

Written by Julie Mikus

For the second year in a row, Allison Park Church in collaboration with Network of Hope conducted a huge service project called “Servolution,” which is kind of a revolution in service. This project has grown in size and scope because it is in our Allison Park Church DNA to serve; to change the world one life at a time.

Many have ask, “Why are you doing this?” The answer is always simple, “We want to express the love of God to our community.”

Here’s some incredible stats from Servolution 2016:

  • More than 22,000 people were served.
  • More than  600 passionate volunteers were mobilized to make Servolution a success.
  • 30 amazing outreaches were conducted over a 2 week period!

While statistics for a huge project like Servolution has inherent value to measure growth, the number of people involved, and ultimately to celebrate the numerical scope of the project – there are some things that just can’t be measured with a project of this size.

We can’t measure the impact of the event on those who served and volunteered- the feeling and sense of fulfillment they experienced while giving back to their community. The experience of “giving back” can’t be quantified, as it is so unique for each individual. For many, it will be a powerful ignition switch that propels them forward to do even more.

How can we measure the amount faith it takes to walk up to a stranger and offer prayer? How much faith does it take to step “out of the boat” into unknown territory – to invite a stranger to church, to encourage the lonely, or feed those in need?

And what about hope? Imagine an exhausted woman whose is taking care of her aging mom and fourteen year old autistic son. She is tired, working hard to make ends meet. Then, one Saturday morning volunteers climb her steps to deliver groceries – hope in a bag. She openly cries because somebody cares to hear her story, her pain, her life’s challenges. Prayers are offered, hope abounds.

It would be pointless to count the footsteps of the caregivers and volunteers who pushed nearly 100 aging seniors from a nursing home on a bright sunny day. The love and care they received can’t be quantified or calculated.

And most profoundly, how could we ever measure the expression of God’s love through acts of  service? I am talking about the kind of love that is difficult to fathom. May we try to grasp “the length and width and height and depth” (Ephesians 3:18) of God’s love!  

The impact of a hug, an encouraging word, a meaningful prayer, an enthusiastic high five can’t be quantified or calculated because God’s love has limitless expressions. A project like Servolution shines the light of Jesus! The light is infinite in a too often dim world.

Numbers are great. Statistics are an important tool to measure success. However, at the end of the day it is all about changing the world, ONE life at a time.  After all, “the ONE” is the most important number of all: not only to Allison Park Church, but to God Himself!

13103451_10207773193622611_3686370287940721472_nWife of 20 years to husband Neil and mom to 12-year-old son, Benjamin, Julie Mikus enjoys gardening, long walks, reading and playing golf. She has been involved in ministry for several years. Presently, she is the Program Director of the Network of Hope, a non-profit of Allison Park Church, which promotes lasting change in the lives of those facing hardship. Much like the mission, she longs to see the lasting change in individuals’ lives that only the love Jesus Christ can bring.