Prophetic Words for APC Leadership

Written by Jeff Leake

In the last blog post, I shared with you a prophetic moment in the history of Allison Park Church.  Pastor David Cartlege prophesied about what God was going to do through us. I will never forget this moment.  Before he spoke this out, he called my wife and I to the front. He spoke these words over us as representatives or leaders of this church.

Now, in 2003 – I was 39 years old (Mel was 37) and had been the lead pastor of APC for 12 years.  After David spoke about APC in general – he gave some prophetic declarations not just to Melodie and I, but also to Pastor Cullen.

As I am entering 2017 and spending some time in fasting and prayer, I have been revisiting and praying over these ‘words’ for my life. I wanted to share them with you as well.


And beyond that the Lord has spoken to me about you, Jeff, and about you, Melodie.  He said to me that you are going to be impelled by the Spirit.  That you’re going to be thrust forward at great velocity like the shaft of a spear.  You are going to penetrate the impenetrable places.  

God is going to cause your life to be thrust into arenas and into dimensions that you could have never naturally entered.  But God is going to cause you to be impelled by the Spirit and this will happen.  I will exalt you among the people.  

While I was watching in my vision, I saw you growing rapidly.  I saw you becoming head and shoulders taller than anyone else around.  I knew that the Lord was speaking to me not about physical things but about a spiritual authority. God would cause you to be exalted among the people.  Many of your own household, like it was in the days of Joseph, will come and bow down and acknowledge the grace of God that is in you.  People today that would not give you the time of day, who have not given you support nor encouragement but have even sought to impede your progress will come to hold your hand and acknowledge the grace of God that is in you.



The Lord said to me that in your 40th year the things that you have desired and dreamed are going to come upon you with great force.  They are going to happen speedily.  I saw wings attached to your feet and the Lord said you’re going to move so fast; things are going to happen so rapidly in your life that from your 40th year on, it will seem as though have been born again; as though you have become a different woman altogether.

It will seem as though all the dreams, all of the desires and all of the aspirations of your life will come together at once.  God is going to fulfill the deep desires of your heart.  It will not all happen in one year but from one year; from the beginning of that year there will be a change in the way things happen in your life.  It will seem as if the whirlwinds of God have picked you up and planted you in another place.  It will seem as if you have become a person of different thinking, of different understanding, of different authority.  

I saw not only wings attached to your feet but I saw your mouth as though it was a trumpet; filled with a word of great clarity; crystal clarity; with authority.  When the word was uttered, people would hear and understand and be motivated to obey and fulfill the purpose of God.

And I say to you both that God is coming to you with an anointing like you’ve never know.



I saw you begin to grow not only taller but you grew outward.  You grew out and up until you were very tall and very big.  I knew that God was making you to be a pillar in this house of God.  He was making you to be strong and a support.  

There are many things that God is going to do with your leader, Jeff Leake, that will cause him to not be in this house at times.  He is a man sent to the nations of the earth.  Jeff is going to carry the anointing that is here; the DNA of this house and plant the seed among the nations of the earth.  

God said to me that your place is in the house.  You’re going to become strong and a tower of strength to many.  You’re going to know you are strong because you will not waver in the breeze; you will not be influenced by the opinions of people.  You won’t feel subject to the pressures that come of special interest groups.  You are going to be standing strong and holding this house firm on the purpose of God.  You’re going to recognize the word of the Lord and find yourself so aligned to it that you become the facilitator of the grace of God that is on this house.  

Many times Jeff will hear the word of the Lord and you will fulfill it.  There will be a recognition that God has joined you together like Siamese twins, both growing tall for a purpose.  But it will be different in the way it’s applied to you.  There is a special grace on you.  Special grace.  You’re going to know this is not something that came about because you are clever or because you even wanted it.  It came because there was a divine determination to bring you into the fullness of the purpose of God.  

The moment I lay my hands on you something is going to happen to you.  You will feel it in the depth of your spirit.  You’re going to know that God has come to you and that it is different than it has been before.  It’s though God has caused you to cross a line into another realm.  In that place you will find an authority; an authority on your word will be with power.  

You’ll speak forth the word of God clearly in such a way that people will respond to it.  They’ll find themselves able to do the things that God is helping you see that need to be done.  Now, in the name of Jesus, now! Now! Now!!  I call the grace of God upon you, Cullen.  I call the grace of God upon you.  I say, in the name of Jesus, rise up and fulfill the purpose of the Lord.  He has determined a great work to be done in your life.  I speak this now to you in the name of Jesus.  Amen.