Next Steps

New to Allison Park Church?

Attending a new church can be overwhelming. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to get to know what Allison Park Church is all about and to discover how you can get involved. That’s why we designed NEXT STEPS, a 30-minute class for anyone who wants to learn about who we are, ask questions, and meet our pastors.

What to Expect at NEXT STEPS

NEXT STEPS is a short teaching with your campus pastor, where you will learn about our vision, our ministries, and our beliefs. But more than that, you’ll discover how you can get involved to make a difference in your community and in the world.  You’ll learn what the perfect next steps are for you. 


Hampton Deer Lakes Ohio River Butler Mt Nebo North Side


We want to help you learn how God has uniquely created and designed you to make a contribution to the world.

We recommend several personality tests that can help you discover how you can best use your gifts and abilities: 

DISC Personality Test Spiritual Gifts Test