How to Name Your Year

Written by Jeff Leake 

So what does 2019 hold for you?One thing I am asking God for is that He wouldspeak to me about what He is trying to teach me in 2019.  Several years ago, my wife was challenged to NAME THE YEAR based on this concept.

So what is God trying to teach you?  Is there a theme to what He is doing in your life personally right now?

Last year, I named my year…THE YEAR OF HEALTH AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.  My goal was to establish better patterns of life in diet and exercise, and to tune my spiritual ear more regularly to what the Holy Spirit is saying.

So what’s my theme for the year 2019? I sense that God is wanting meto step into a greater level of BREAKTHROUGH FAITH in 2019.  He has been dealing with me about viewing the situations in front of me throughthe eyes of unwavering faith.  So often it is easy to just accept problems as too difficult to solve.  But God is able to do the impossible.

I want to walk in a faith that believes for the impossible. I want God to teach me to breakthrough into a greater demonstration of God’s miraculous power.  So this is what I will be declaring over myself in the new year.  God, make this a year of BREAKTHROUGH FAITH in my life and ministry.

What about you?  I would love to hear what you are naming your year.