The Antidote for Doubt

Matthew 28: 18 and 19 are probably the two verses that I have spent most time praying, meditating and preaching on since I gave my life to Jesus. It speaks about the authority Jesus has given us and that we should go out to all the world and make disciples. These have become some of my life verses.

Do you find verses like that in the Word of God, that you highlighted with multiple colors, underlined over and over again, and have written thoughts and revelations you’ve discovered next to them? As I was reading Matthew 28 a few months ago just waiting to get to my favorite verses, something unusual took place… I read verse 17 and could not continue!

Matthew 28: 16-17: Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. When they saw Him, they worshiped Him, but some doubted”.

After three and a half years in Jesus’ ministry school, where the disciples had seen miracle after miracle taking place, we still read that when Jesus spoke to them it says thatsome doubted”.

Here is Jesus right in front of them, back from the dead and some are still doubting!

I’ll admit. When I noticed this the first time I got a bit scared and confused. If these guys that have seen so much and heard so much good teaching from Jesus and actually WALKED with him for more than 3 years… if THEY doubted, then how can I make it?

As I was thinking about this, I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit and He reminded me that this is actually a beautiful thing taking place in these verses. You see, as soon as Jesus noticed that some of His disciples doubted, He said in Matthew 28: 18-19;

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”

He didn’t turn to them angry, but with grace and faith in His voice He gave them the only antidote there is towards doubt: “trust my words and take action”. Jesus knows that the medicine for doubt is to take action, regardless of how we feel. It’s almost like Jesus is revealing a secret to us, “When you focus on your doubts they will grow, but when you focus on going out and serving others, you will experience the breakthrough you need”. So basically what Jesus said to His disciples struggling with doubt that day was this – “I don’t condemn you. Instead, I’m telling you to go out and do what I say and then doubts will turn into victories”

Experiencing doubts does not forfeit us from the game,! We all experience them at times. That’s why it’s so important to take action, because it scares away the doubt! 

Here are four practical examples in which we can do that:

  1. Life groups!

We need each other! Everyone needs someone, and there’s someone that needs you! At Allison Park Church we love Life Groups! A Life Group means meeting in a smaller group on a regular basis and share life, Jesus and a lot of laughs! If you want to join a group, you can click on the following link to find one!

  1. Connect somewhere!

No matter who you are or what you can or can’t do, there’s a place for you at Allison Park Church! There are so many stories from people in our church of how Jesus restored them. People have been and amazing things are happening in their lives! Many times these stories start by signing up to connect and serve somewhere in our church. It can be something that seems insignificant in our eyes, but for Jesus there is no such thing. If you are new in church, or if you still haven’t connected somewhere, talk to us next time you are visiting! God has a plan for your life!

  1. Kingdom Builders trips!

We love serving other people, both in our community and all around the world. Every year we do some 20 different mission trips, some locally and some abroad. You should try to join in on one next year! Why not? I believe that your life will be changed (my life was changed on a missions trip) as you step out in faith and become part of a missions team. Keep your eyes open for opportunities and trips to sign up for!

  1. The Northeast Ministry School (NMS)

Maybe this is your year! Why not? A year at NMS will be beneficial to you regardless of what you are called to. In NMS, you learn practical and hands-on ministry that can equip you for the future God has planned for you! What is stopping you? Contact us with questions or apply now at

Jesus loves you and is proud of you regardless if you do anything more in His name or not. That love should make you feel safe. And when you are safe, doubts will be broken off! Maybe you feel like the fire you once had is about to go out. Jesus wants to breathe life in it again! Maybe you feel like you are bruised, beaten down and harassed… Jesus will pull you up again. He has not forgotten about you and He is not ready to trade you in for something different. No, He is for you and because of that you can boldly say: I will continue and move in faith! What Jesus has once spoken is still true today! Let’s go!


Samuel Strandberg is the director of the Northeast Ministry School at Allison Park Church. Together with his wife Gabrielle, they have a passion for reaching the one through missions. They have a beautiful daughter and a new baby on the way!