Do kids really learn anything in church?

Written by Joe Schafer 

If you are anything like me, you have gotten in your car after church and asked your kids the question “What did you learn in church?” and heard the dreaded response “I don’t know.”

This response can be frustrating, and you can even question if your kids are being taught anything when you drop them off.  There have been times that I have asked my kids this question after I was the one teaching the lesson in our children’s ministry, so I know they were taught something.

Let me assure you that they are being taught and they are learning, but we have to ask the right questions.

Think about this, kids in preschool and elementary school are constantly learning, but they do not even realize it. They are little sponges soaking up everything around them, but they know that. They are just taking in everything that they see and hear.

Since kids do not always realize that they are constantly learning, I have changed my questions and have gotten much better responses.

Here are five questions that I like to use with my kids that can start a conversation about what they learned in church.

  1. Did you have a Bible story or lesson in church today? I know that my kids heard a lesson or story, but this question gets them to think about the part of the service where they heard a Bible story.
  2. Who were some of the people in the Bible story? This question causes kids to think about some of the specific things that they heard.
  3. What happened to those people in the story? This question causes kids to remember some of the context of the story.
  4. What did those people do right, what did they do wrong, and what did they learn? This question helps kids begin to engage in the life lesson of the story.
  5. What did you learn from this story that can help you do the right thing and live for God? This question gets to core of what you really wanted to know and causes kids to think about what they learned and how it applies to their lives.

Next time your family gets into your car after church, try asking your kids these questions. You may be surprised just how much they learned!

14917033_10209799852566365_7604244255227940768_oJoe Schafer has been on staff at Allison Park Church for the past 13 years and served in various roles in the youth and children’s ministry. He has been married to his wife Rachael for 13 years and has two kids- Jordan, age 7, and Rylee, age 5.