The African Capital City Tour!

Written by Samuel Strandberg 

A few years ago, in a rainy Tanzanian festival out on the African country side, the Holy Spirit spoke to Johannes Amritzer and SOS Adventures. 

“Go to the African capital cities and teach the new generation of Africa about Jesus and teach them to live in the power of the Holy Spirit” and just like that, the African Capital City Tour was birthed.

Allison Park Church has partnered with Mission SOS, or what is more known as SOS Adventure, for some 13-14 years now. Every single year we send a team to at least one festival, but often Allison Park Church is represented at two or three trips per year.

A missions adventure with SOS Adventure has become a lifestyle for many of our church members, and I just wanted to explain why in three simple points. Maybe you will be the one that comes with us on an unforgettable trip to Africa next year!


  1. The Book of Acts comes alive!

From the moment you step onto the red dirt here in Africa there’s this excitement and expectation in the atmosphere. It has nothing to do with that God for some reason is more powerful in Africa than He is in the western world, it has more to do with the desperation for an intervention from Jesus the people many times have here.

The majority of the people we minister to on the outreaches are without any hope. Some are sick and without money to go see a doctor, some have been treated by witchdoctors (read cursed) and fear has gripped their heart or simple they are homeless and life has lost its value a long time ago.

Now imagine some wild Jesus people that have been praying specific prayers of signs & wonders for 9 months, that has been fasting for the sake of the people they are now going to ministering too. These team members has raised thousands of dollars to be able to purchase a flight ticket and many times sold cars and belongings and picked up extra shift to be able to make it happen. All of a sudden it comes down to an outreach on the streets of a busy market in the heart of an African capital city. So when the gospel is being clearly presented in three minutes, a dance is being performed that makes all the on-lookers smile and a drama is played out that shows the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus, after that signs, wonders & miracles will take place!

This past week in Madagascar we have seen more than 8,300 people receive Jesus Christ in their hearts, 1,496 documented healings and 806 people baptized in the Holy Spirit, just on the streets! Normal Christian people like you and me are stepping up and sharing the resurrected Jesus and these things happens! It’s amazing!

2. You play a part in something very unique and powerful!

Imagine yourself standing in front of tens of thousands of people at the city wide festival that is being held in the evenings. Suddenly you, together with some 200-300 team members that you have gotten to know over the course of the last days, are now sent in to a crowd hungry for the miracles of God. Now you are part of something that is so much bigger than yourself. When we do these Signs & Wonders festival in the evenings we are delivering spiritual blows into the enemies territory and step by step we are taking over a Capital City for Jesus! Every team member is important and the satisfaction of knowing that you have been used by the Holy Spirit is one of the best feelings in the world!

This past week so many miracles took place… One of the most powerful ones I want to mention was the eight year old girl that stood up from her wheelchair at one of our outreaches. She was suffering from Polio, but when a team member laid her hands on her she started to walk for the first time in her life. The dad and mom stood next to her and cried & wept during the whole experience, all tears of joy of course. But just imagine, that family is now going home together and everything has changed. Jesus is real!

3. A new faith for your community!

When team members comes home from a trip like this something has happened in the depth of their hearts. A new faith for their home communities is sparked and that is almost the best part! Allison Park Church and SOS Adventure’s biggest hope and desire is for each team member to bring the faith and the experiences of the African festival back home. We are designed to live the book of Acts wherever Jesus is planting us, so let’s bring Jesus to the ends of the earth and also to the homes of our neighbors and friends!

You are more than welcome to join Allison Park Church and SOS Adventures on a mission trip next year!


Samuel Strandberg is the Director of Northeast Ministry School and an evangelist for Mission SOS to the unreached people groups in South Asia and Africa.