4 ways the Northeast Ministry School could change your life!

Written by Samuel Strandberg

At Northeast Ministry School (NMS) there’s a few things we just love to bring up when it comes to what we are about and who we are.  I honestly believe the Holy Spirit has given something unique to NMS. There’s this longing to be, “A book of Acts kind of School”.  Our desire is to see the book of Acts lived out on a daily basis in the lives of our students and staff. Let me quickly give you four ways that NMS could change your life!

1. Prayer School

Every morning we start with an hour of worship and prayer. We teach our students the richness and variety of prayer from the Bible. Every prayer school is teacher led, but also gives the students opportunities to lead the rest of the class in prayer for different topics. Throughout a school year we pray for many prayer requests and always in a very practical and specific way. The more specific we are in our request, the more specific the answers from heaven will be. Each year we hear testimony after testimony of students prayer lives that have been radically changed because we start each day with powerful prayer.

2. Outreach

In NMS we “live and breathe” the great commission. We believe that not only should we talk about and teach the Book of Acts kind of lifestyle, but we should also live it today! Every week our students are out doing outreaches and presenting Jesus to our community in many creative ways. In NMS we encourage the class to take steps of faith in this area, and every week we see the Book of Acts happen in and through our students!

3. Mission Trip

If there is one thing that really sets our school apart, it is the partnership we have with Mission SOS International. SOS is an organization that started in Sweden and now has its  U.S. headquarters in Allison Park Church.

Every year we go together with SOS on a mission trip to set up a huge Jesus festival among an unreached people group in Africa. This has always been the highlight of the school year and we are preparing this adventure throughout the whole school.

Why is this trip so special?

On our mission trip YOU as a student will be the one let loose to preach the simple Jesus gospel on streets, bus stations and in unreached villages 3-4 times a day! You will not only see the Book of Acts in action, but also play a huge part yourself as you will be minister and practice all things we read about in school. During the evenings we are part of a huge city wide Gospel event where up to 50,000 people are gathering to hear about Jesus. Be ready to see people healed, delivered and baptized in the Holy Spirit right in front of you as you step out in bold faith! Prepare yourself to see things happen through you that you have only read in the Book of Acts before! Our desire with this trip is that you as a student will bring these experiences and faith stories back home with you and continue live this faith filled life in your community!

4. Fellowship

NMS is also a place where people from all over the nation meet and become friends for life! I speak from experience. Twelve years ago I went through our European ministry school branch and today, many of the people I’m doing life and ministry together with are people that were in my class!

Our school is not limited to a certain age group or just for people called to “full-time ministry”. No, it is for everyone who has a desire to learn more about the Bible and take a step further in their faith. Whatever your calling is, we would love to have you come here and be trained a year at our school!

You will find more info on northeastministryschool.com. Check it out and sign up today! I promise you, an adventure awaits you!

1174827_10151812711159660_630285592_nSamuel Strandberg is the Director of Northeast Ministry School and an evangelist for Mission SOS to the unreached people groups in South Asia.