International Projects

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Tanzania Evangelism Project

For the past 10 years, APC has partnered with one of the most explosive movements anywhere in the world. The Tanzanian Assemblies of God has planted more than 7,000 churches in the last few years and is reaching many unreached people groups in the process. They have asked for us to help equip Tanzanian evangelists with portable sound systems to reach an audience of up to 5,000 at a time. Our goal is to outfit at least 10 evangelists.

Water Wells

Water is the source of life. In America, we often take clean drinking water for granted, but in third-world countries many still do not have access to clean water. Providing fresh drinking water for these villages saves lives. It takes between $10,000 and $25,000 to drill a water well, and our goal is to fund five wells in 2017 in cooperation some of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Waterboys Initiative.

Human Trafficking

We can be part of the solution for the horrific global issue of human trafficking. We work in partnerships with the Daughter Project in India, Myanmar and Nepal, the Breaking Chains Network in Belgium, and with Living in Liberty locally to invest in education, prevention, and the rescue and restoration of victims.

Madagascar SOS Festival

We partner with SOS Missions and Johannes Amritzer to preach the gospel to people who have yet to hear the message of Christ. This year, SOS is holding a Signs and Wonders Festival in Madagascar. At these festivals, thousands of people will hear God’s Word and experience His love and healing power.

India SOS Festivals

In addition to reaching the African capital cities through our partnership with SOS Missions, we also help SOS reach the people of India through Signs and Wonders Festivals. At these festivals the gospel is shared powerfully to thousands of people, both through preaching and through the healing power of Jesus.

Burundi Church Planting School

We have an opportunity to extend our church planting reach internationally through our partnership with SOS Missions. Our goal is to establish a church planting school in Burundi to raise up pastors and ministers that will influence all of Africa.

national projects

Church Planting

When we help to plant a new church we impact an entire community for Christ. This year we will help to participate with ten to fifteen new church plants, primarily in the Northeastern USA – but also now in major cities throughout the United States and Canada.

Hope Homes

These Homes, operated by the CityReach Network, are places designed for those dealing with addictions and life-controlling problems to have a free place to stay and an opportunity to get free from these strongholds that have so negatively affected their lives. So many of these Hope Home grads go on to do incredible things for the Kingdom of God.

Convoy of Hope

We support Convoy of Hope, a faith-based, nonprofit with a driving passion to feed the world through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreaches, and disaster response. Over the last two years, we’ve partnered with Convoy of Hope to host dozens of Day of Hope events in preparation for church launches across the country. These events provide food, entertainment, and meet the physical needs of these communities.

Assemblies of God Projects

We are part of a larger fellowship of churches with over 70 million adherents around the world. Our goal is to support some of their specific initiatives, especially the church planting fund of their Church Multiplication Network.

Local Projects

Serve Day

We are dedicated to reaching the “ONE,” the person who is hurting or far from God, in our communities. Serve Day is a service campaign designed to impact our local communities and spread Christ’s love. Outreaches may include providing free haircuts, buying lunch for hospital visitors and staff, providing free dinner for local firefighters and hosting ice cream socials at local nursing homes. We also will buy and stock meals to be sent overseas to feed the hungry through an organization called Stop Hunger Now.

Butler Campus Launch

Our goal is to continue to reach the ONE. God has called us to launch another Allison Park Church campus in Butler, PA during the coming year. We need to continue to raise finances to provide for the location, physical needs, and staff for the new campus.

Network of Hope Food Bank

We believe that one of the best ways to show Christ’s love to families in our local community is to provide for their physical needs. The 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month, we provide food for needy families through the Network of Hope Food Bank. We have seen many come to know Christ through this practical, but powerful ministry.

Building Improvement Projects

With three campuses locations and soon adding a fourth, there are always improvements that need to take place in our buildings. Our facilities are one of the ways that guests get an idea of who we are. We want our locations to be inviting, well-kept, and up-to-date and ready to reach the next generation.

Outdoor Prayer Facilities

Prayer a is a vitally important part of our relationship with God. The leadership team at Allison Park Church hopes to design a “prayer location” on the North 40 property, across from the Hampton Campus – that would serve as a place for anyone to come and spend time talking with God and seeking His face.