Israel Trip

Nov 05 Nov 15

November 5 – 15, 2018

Join Allison Park Church for the trip of a lifetime as we explore the Holy Land. The tour will be hosted by Pastor Jeff and Melodie Leake

This unique trip will take you on a journey in the footsteps of the patriarchs, judges, kings, and prophets as well as Jesus and the early church. There is nothing like experiencing the tangible reality of the biblical events firsthand and discovering that these stories actually occurred in real places, at real times, and with real people.

Experiences include:
Historical and biblical site tours, on-site teaching, prayer and devotions, Caesarea, Mount Carmel, Chorazin, Magdala, Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Sea of Galilee boat ride, Jordan River, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Masada, Qumran, Dead Sea swim, Bethlehem, City of David, Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, first-century tomb, Mediterranean dining, shopping, and much more!

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