Big Life Journey

Keys to spiritual growth and living a Big Life!

Many in our culture are trying to “live big.” They focus on money, fame, or success. What God wants for us is to live a big life–a life that is significant, relationship-focused, and creates a positive impact.

Three Keys to Living a big life

Seek God | Connect Somewhere | Reach the One

We have designed a step-by-step plan to help you process the specific and unique BIG LIFE that God has designed you to live. There are three phases to this Big Life Journey that will help you clarify who you are and what God has designed for you to do and be.


After you have completed the Big Life Journey, you may complete the Membership Application for Allison Park Church. Register for the Big Life Journey by selecting the campus at which you would like to attend.

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Big Life Journey Classes

Personal Vision

Discover the God-inspired picture for your future.

Gift Discovery

Learn how God has uniquely created and designed you to make a contribution to the world.

Connect Somewhere

Meet with one of our team to decide if you want to become a member of APC and where you would like to begin to connect and serve.